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An Update from the Agronomist

Jul 14, 2020

🌽Tasseling corn is beginning to show up in some fields and others aren’t far behind! That means it is time to consider a tassel fungicide in your corn crop.

🌽Over the past few years we have been collecting data on the use of corn fungicide at tassel. With many data points we can confidently say that tassel fungicide is a NO BRAINER on certain hybrids. What I am referring to is the Response to fungicide score of each hybrid we sell at Belgrade Coop. This score was developed from years and years of testing at the Winfield Answer Plot sites, and indicates whether you can expect a good response, average response or low response to applying a fungicide at tassel. Many hybrids are High responders which on AVERAGE indicates a 15 bu/acre response. This is a HUGE return on investment, and is quite simply one of the easiest things we can do to earn a little more profit as farmers. Pick out the hybrids you have planted that are high responders and absolutely consider a tassel fungicide application this year.

🌽You might say that you don’t recall seeing much disease in any of your fields, and you would likely be right. In our part of the state we don’t deal with much disease outside of stalk rots. But for a tassel fungicide to be successful at giving you ROI, disease pressure doesn’t even have to exist. This is due to the PLANT HEALTH aspects that fungicides provide for our corn plant. They include: increasing nitrogen efficiency in the plant, reducing plant stress by mitigating ethylene production, and better stomatal control In the plant.

🌽In the colorful picture here, you can see some of the benefits of a tassel fungicide showing up very clearly in a drone scan of the field. The northern field was sprayed with a tassel fungicide while the southern field was not. They are the same hybrids, planted the same date, and typically have very similar yields. You can see that the northern field has a lot more consistency and a lot less reds and oranges (green and blue are good, orange and red are bad). These fields were taken to yield and produced immense return on investment for the grower.

Jackson Gregory
Belgrade Cooperative Agronomist

Ask your agronomist about the plant health benefits of a tassel fungicide, and why it should be an easy decision on certain hybrids this year.

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