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Ascend SL and Zinc

Mar 27, 2020


Did you know that zinc deficiency can reduce corn yield by up to 40%? Although it’s only needed in small quantities, zinc is essential for production of the carbohydrates, proteins and chlorophyll that drive grain production. In fact, plant growth and development stops when specific zinc-dependent enzymes aren’t available. It’s easy to see why an in-furrow zinc application is a smart investment to promote early-season plant health and to protect yield potential.

Ultra-Che® Zinc easily mixes with starter fertilizers and is formulated to increase nutrient efficiency and availability to plants. That means zinc will be accessible when plants need it most to optimize early-season plant growth and development.

Corn that gets a vigorous, consistent start is more resilient to stress and has improved plant health throughout the season. Less than ideal conditions at planting can result in challenges for crop development, but Ascend SL plant growth regulator can help promote vigorous plant growth and more consistent emergence. Ascend SL contains an optimal combination of three EPA registered plant growth regulators designed to provide vigorous early plant germination and emergence, a robust root system, larger leaves and wider stems. 

Some of the benefits of Ascend SL include:

•Faster, more consistent seed germination
•More uniform plant emergence
•More fibrous, well-developed root masses
•Improved shoot elongation and cell growth

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