Jun 13, 2022

RETIREMENT ANNOUNCEMENT Gary Meyer, Board President, Belgrade Cooperative Association
    On behalf of the Board of Directors, we are announcing the retirement of our General Manager, Jeff Koehler, as of September 30, 2022. Now that the time is approaching for Jeff to pursue other hobbies and interests, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank Jeff for his many years of service and to make you aware of the Board’s plans for replacing him.
    Jeff started with Belgrade Coop in 1988 as the Agronomy Leader until 1995 when he was promoted to General Manager. Prior to joining Belgrade Coop, Jeff served as a Feed Salesperson for Midland Co-op and managed a Land O’Lakes facility in Almena, WI. Jeff and Karen moved to Belgrade in 1985 to manage Belgrade Soil Service.      During his tenure, Jeff oversaw tremendous growth and was able to visualize “next steps” for advancing Belgrade’s future and put those plans into action. To make these next steps happen, Jeff had to build a strong team of people, many of which are still working for the co-op today.
    During his tenure, Jeff led a very talented team that embraced the importance of serving the membership well. Jeff asks the members to, “Appreciate the talent Belgrade has working for them and thank them for their hard work in making the co-op successful. I am proud to have been associated with such wonderful members and staff. These connections I will greatly miss in my retirement.”
    Jeff also feels very blessed to have worked with such an understanding and supportive Board. He appreciates the time and dedication the Board has given to Belgrade Co-op. The personal sacrifices of time and energy they each give to the co-op can easily be taken for granted. He hopes the membership realizes just how lucky they are to have such a knowledgeable and expert Board. Jeff said, “These seven Board Members know the co-op better than anyone, and the wealth of background and experience they bring to the co-op board room is second to none.” Board President, Gary Meyer stated that, “It will be impossible to replace Jeff.
    The Board is forever grateful for the years of service and leadership Jeff has provided over his 27 years of service as GM. We wish Jeff all the best in his retirement. It is well deserved, and I hope the membership and employees will personally thank Jeff for his service. We look forward to celebrating Jeff’s accomplishments as we approach his retirement date.”
    Jeff isn’t looking forward to his retirement but rather, transitioning to a new career of volunteerism along with more time with family, friends, and his church community. In leaving Belgrade cooperative, Jeff has one request of those considering their career options, “Please consider a career in agriculture. There will always be people to feed and with all the advancements in technology and doing farming better, a wealth of career opportunities awaits!”
    Gary also wants to announce that the Board of Directors has retained Land O’Lakes to head up a search for hiring the next General Manager for Belgrade Coop. We plan to complete the selection process in time for a successful transition between Jeff and the new General Manager.
Any questions, please feel free to contact Gary at

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