Commercial & Agricultural Propane


We offer complete propane delivery, sales and service for our commercial and agriculture customers at Belgrade Cooperative, where our team places a strong emphasis on customer and employee safety. Our customers typically rely on propane for things like:

Agricultural production:

  • Grain drying
  • Hog barn, dairy parlor and chicken barn heaters
  • Facility and water heating for dairy facilities, creameries and equipment
  • Forage roasters

Commercial and Industrial uses:

  • Facility and water heating for shops
  • Fork lifts
  • Backup generators
  • Painting equipment

We supply and service all types of storage containers from cylinders to 30,000-gallon transport deliveries. "Scheduled delivery" is a service many current customers utilize because we take on the responsibility of checking supply tank levels and making deliveries as needed.

Propane Tanks & Gas Lines

Belgrade Cooperative sells and services LB White forced air heaters, brooders and other heating products for agricultural and industrial uses. We also design and install the right tank system for your operation, including interior and exterior gas lines, appropriate pressure regulators and tank monitors to determine delivery timing. Tanks can be purchased outright or leased. Our professionals also provide your staff with an annual safety review to help ensure proper equipment operation.


Belgrade Cooperative offers different propane commercial contract options based on your needs throughout the year:

  • Heating season commercial customers can lock-in a specific number of gallons at the current futures price for delivery between Nov. 1 and April 30. This number of contracted gallons is based on the customer’s past consumption history. Commercial customers with accounts in good standing put no money down and payment for their usage during the previous 30 days is due on the 15th of the following month. For example, payment for November’s invoice would be due on Dec. 15.
  • Annual commercial contracts can be written for customers that use propane for production equipment year round. Contact Morgan  at (320) 254-8231 opt. 1 for more information.
  • Crop drying contracts are written for October and November. They can be written at any time, but customers should call the office for current market pricing. Crop drying customers can choose to prepay in full or pay a deposit down of  20 cents per gallon when the contract is initiated; the customer is then billed for the remaining price per gallon upon delivery. 

Propane Questions

Equipment Questions
Please contact Gene Peterson at (320) 254-8231 with any questions about propane tanks, equipment and delivery.

Pricing Questions
Questions about propane pricing and contracts can be directed to Lindsey Brower at (320) 254-8231.