Out-of-Gas Policy

Belgrade Co-op’s goal is to serve you while also providing a safe working environment for our customers and our employees. Out-of-gas situations can pose a safety risk to all parties involved.

We realize there may be times, unfortunately, when you unexpectedly run out of gas. Therefore, the following out-of-gas policy will be enforced for all customers purchasing propane from Belgrade Co-op. If you experience an out-of-gas situation, you should:

  • Close the service valve on the propane storage tank.
  • Shut off all appliance service valves.
  • Call your propane supplier immediately.

If you are out of propane, we are required by insurance and National Fire and Protection Association code regulations to do a leak check. It is imperative that you be home or that we have access to enter the building in which the out-of-gas situation applies so we are able to check the entire gas system for leaks and relight the pilots. 

 If we arrive and are not able to enter the building, we WILL NOT fill your tank. The driver will leave an "Out of Gas" tag, instructing you to call us. 

Any system that does not pass a leak check test or considered unsafe and will be "Red Tagged" and cannot legally be restarted until the identified condition(s) is repaired. You must call qualified technician for repairs before our delivery personnel will place your system back in service.

Out-of-Gas Delivery Fee for Will-Call Customers:

$75.00  per trip fee will be charged when the driver has to start your system up again and/or run a leak check test. This will be in addition to the Emergency Delivery Fee. 

Please Watch these safety videos