Payment Options

Feb 19, 2021

Currently, many customers are enjoying the convenience of our Auto-Pay plan in which a set amount, determined by you, is automatically deducted from your checking or savings account on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. For example, you can request that we deduct $100 per month from your checking account. Depending on your payment amount and delivery balance, you will have the propane either partially paid for or prepaid in full. With this type of payment plan you are paying market price for your propane or fuel oil.

Another option that allows for a payment plan is to contract your gallons. We offer propane contracts to customers in May and August where a person can lock-in their price per gallon for winter deliveries. Locking in your price allows for us to calculate a fixed, monthly payment based on your delivery history. This benefits you greatly since you know what your monthly payment will be, making it much easier to budget other expenses versus coming home from work to see the dreaded delivery envelope hanging on your doorknob!

Payment plans are account specific but all begin with communication with our office. Please contact us at 320-254-8231 opt. 1 or
Lindsey Brouwer
Customer Service Representive 

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